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DISH Satellite TV and Equipment Features

Premium Hopper features

DISH Hopper Application Features

Apps on your Hopper

  • Netflix – Seamlessly search & watch without switching inputs
  • Amazon Prime Video – Watch Prime Video instantly with no input switch
  • Pandora – Listening to your favorite music is one click away
  • YouTube – Search for and watch YouTube content on your TV
  • Weather – View your weather while still watching TV
DISH Hopper DVR Benefits

Standard Hopper Features

  • Picture quality – Highest resolution and best picture available
  • Bluetooth – Easily connect wireless speakers or headphones
  • Parental Controls – Make your TV kid-friendly
  • Whole Home DVR – Share your DVR recordings throughout your house
  • Mobile Apps – Schedule recordings, pay your bill, watch live TV and more
  • Game Finder – Follow scores & stats without taking your eyes off the screen
DISH Accessories and Add- on Features

Accessories and Extensions

  • DISH Anywhere – Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV anywhere
  • Voice Search – Say what you want and it's on
  • Hopper GO – Take recorded shows with you without using your data, WiFi or your device’s storage space
  • DISH Outdoors – Travel or Tailgate with HD TV