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Your time, your schedule

It's no secret that some of the best programming that television has to offer is on during primetime. The only problem is that there's a reason that primetime is, well, prime. Take away the time commitment and easily record primetime shows with DISH. Record up to three hours of primetime television on each major network to watch later, for up to eight days after its original air date.

DISH Hopper with Primetime Anytime on TV

Simple set-up

At DISH, we pride ourselves on giving you the best technology that is easy to use. Don’t waste time looking for how to DVR primetime shows, we made it simple and automatically record all four networks. Simply open your menu and Select PrimeTime Anytime. Shows from ABC, CBS and NBC that previously aired are all located here, in one place.

Setup DISH Primetime Anytime autohop on tv and tablet

A better experience

PrimeTime Anytime saves you time and energy. Utilize other great features like AutoHop to watch PrimeTime Anytime commercial free or DISH Anywhere to watch your shows on the go!