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Find Lost & Misplaced Remotes

Find Lost & Misplaced Remotes

We’ve all misplaced the TV remote. But not all of us had DISH’s Remote Finder to help us find it. By simply pressing a button on the set top box, the DISH remote will begin to emit a series of loud beeping noises and also light up to help you find it faster.

DISH’s Remote Finder

How to use DISH’s Remote Finder

Look on the front panel of your Hopper or Joey for a button labeled "Locate Remote." That button is your ticket to the end of remote searching. Simply press the button, and your remote control will begin to emit a series of loud beeping noises, allowing you to follow its call until you find it.

Only a few steps:

  1. Open the front panel of the Hopper.
  2. Click the "Locate Remote" button.
  3. Locate your remote from the sounds/lights coming from the remote.
  4. Click the remote's button to stop the beeping and lights.
Watch your favorite shows

Watch your favorite shows faster

Don’t waste time searching for a lost TV remote. DISH helps eliminate this frustration and gets you back to watching TV quicker. Our TV remotes are some of the easiest to use in the industry, like our Voice Remote . So once you do find it, you can quickly navigate to your favorite channel, movie or show.