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AirTv Mini 4K Streaming Stick Review


AirTV has introduced a 4K HDR compatible streaming stick, powered by Android TV 9.0. It integrates Sling, Netflix and over-the-air channels into a single, easy to use, user interface. And this 2×2 dual band Wi-Fi-enabled device supports 4K HDR streaming.


Dish’s AirTV Releases New Android TV Streaming Stick


Dish’s AirTV subsidiary is releasing a new streaming device designed to combine over-the-air broadcast TV with the company’s Sling service and other streaming services. The new AirTV Mini streaming stick looks similar to a Fire TV stick, and is powered by Google’s Android TV software.


Sling Launches the 4K AirTV Mini

Cord Cutters News

Today Sling officially launched the $79.99 AirTV Mini. This new device runs Android TV and can stream your locals from your AirTV box to multiple TVs around your home. Just like with the 1st Gen AirTV Player it will launch directly into Sling combining both Sling streaming cable networks and your locals from your AirTV into a single app and user interface.


AirTV Mini packs 4K HDR Android TV into a $79 streaming dongle


Android TV may be growing quickly in popularity, but the platform doesn’t have many consumer-facing options. Today, the AirTV Mini has gone official with Android TV, the ability to play 4K HDR content, and a compact dongle form factor for an affordable price.


Dish Air TV Is Cord-Cutters' Dream Come True

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Between streaming services and local over-the-air (OTA) content, there's plenty of stuff to watch, even if you don't feel like dishing out the money for a cable or satellite subscription. The problem is accessing everything from the same source, especially if you've got a 4K TV. The Dish AirTV player aims to solve that problem by offering both streaming channels (including 4K fare) and OTA compatibility.


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